EV charging and range

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BMW i3 (120 Ah)

Driving 1.000 km costs…

CHF 35Home charging*

CHF 104Gasoline*

*Statistics for a BMW i3 (120Ah)

Less than the cost of gas

Conservatively estimated, electricity costs are less than half compared to fuel costs for a comparable car with a combustion engine.

The savings vary, but on average drivers could save almost CHF 800 per year by switching from gasoline to electricity.

Charging options

Standard (2.3 kW)

11 to 17 km per hour of charging.

Every home.

Fast (11 kW)

Equivalent to 55 to 90 km of range per hour of charging.

Can be installed in most homes.

Learn about home installation

Fastest (>22 kW)

Up to 80% of the range of the vehicle in 40 minutes of charging.

Public stations only.

Learn about public charging

Go anywhere

With the rapidly growing infrastructure of public charging stations, you are free to go wherever you want, with ease.

235 KMBMW i3 (120Ah) electric car range
40 minRecharge 80% in just 40 minutes at any fast charging location
130 000+Charging locations across Europe

Convenient and hassle free charging

Two ways to charge, at home...
With home charging you always wake up to a fully charged car

Home charging

Home charging is easy and convenient; your car recharges while waiting for the next trip. A typical household plug is sufficient to recharge overnight your daily car-use. More power and shorter charging times may need additional installation.

Standard charging at home

The cable delivered with your vehicle allows you to charge using a standard household outlet at 2.3 kW, about 11 to 17km range per hour.

A standard charging cable typically costs CHF 800.

Fast charging at home

With a 3-phase connection you can charge with 11 kW, at 4 to 5 times the speed of a standard household plug. There are two commonly used options.

A home charging station is a safe and secure way for your charging needs. No cables laying around or high voltage power outlets. Installation required.

An industrial plug - this is a generic 3 phase power outlet. Installation is comparable to that of a home charging station, and needs a special charging cable.

Juicar’s home charging station installation in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Home check

Have a professional electrician check your home situation for the possibility of installing a high power charging solution.

Step 2: Receive bid

Based on the home check you will receive an installation bid.

Step 3: Installation

Select the bid of your choice. Your selected installer will then contact you to schedule a convenient time to install your home charging solution.

...and on the go

Public charging

You can rely on a fast-growing network of either fast or normal charging stations across Europe. Our app helps to find the nearest available charging possibility.

Fast charging in public

Public charging is the same as filling up your car with gas. Time needed depends on the charging speed and ranges from a calm espresso to a nice dinner.

Remember, your destination may also have a charging station.
Is there anything more convenient than returning to a fully charged vehicle after shopping or working?

Destination charging

Charging at your destination makes sure you have maximal again range. Most hotels, restaurants or where you go shopping, or even there where you work, nowadays have charging spots reserved for electric vehicles.

Charging at work

To the delight of their employees, more and more businesses are offering charging parking stations for those who drive electric cars.

Contact us to learn what it takes to install and offer such facilities to your employees.

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