Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cars & Driving

Accident / Emergency

First, please secure the scene of the accident. Notify the police and, if necessary, the emergency services.
Report the accident to Arval via the hotline +41 (0)41 748 37 37
You will then receive a damage report form by email. Please complete and send this back to Arval.

Are animals allowed?

Animals are allowed, but you need to carry them in appropriate cages.

How can I change to another subscription?

If you want to change your subscription, please contact us so that we can inform you about important details and prepare your change in time.

Who is allowed to drive the car?

Up to five family members (including yourself) who live in the same household as you (meaning, they are registered at the same address) are allowed to drive the car. All drivers must have a valid Swiss category B driver's license.

Will other vehicle models be offered in the future?

Yes. Our vision is to offer a wide selection of electric vehicles. We are happy to keep you up to date on our website or through our newsletter.

Are your electric vehicles new or used?

Our vehicles are used cars in mint condition and with a low milage.

Can the features and colour be chosen individually?

You can choose a color, depending on availability, but there is no choice in features. All cars have the same equipment. Have a look at our offer pagefor more information.

Where can I do a test drive?

We do not currently offer test drives.


How does the billing of public charging costs work?

Public charging events are not included in the base or kilometer fee. If you charge using the from us provided Plugsurfing charging token or app, we will charge you as part of your monthly invoice.

What is Plugsurfing?

Plugsurfing offers access to over 120.000 public charging stations in Europe through an app and a charging token. The app helps you to locate charging stations, tells you their availability, charging speed and cost.

Can I use a different provider for public charging?

Yes, you can charge your vehicle at any provider.

Do I always have to fully charge the vehicle?

No, on the contrary; the battery performs better if you start charging at about 30% and finish charging at about 70%

How much does a home charging solution cost?

With our option "fully charged" we offer a home charging solution for a small monthly fee. The installation costs vary based on many factors, such as location of the fuse box, the cable installation and your own specific requirements. The costs need to be estimated by a professional. If you're interested in a home charging solution, please contact us via chat or E-Mail.


How quickly is a car available?

The delivery time is dependent on the car you choose. You see the respective delivery time on the checkout page after selecting your desired car. But we are flexible. Tell us your needs and we will try to accomodate.

How does the car handover work?

We arrange a professional handover to an address and a date of your choice. We will go over the handover protocol with you in person. Once the handover protocol is signed you will get your keys and the car is all yours to use.


Which insurances are included in the offer?

Your car is insured with a leading insurance provider. We cover 3rd part liability and accident insurance. Just register and we will send you the contract and insurance documents.

Is my vehicle also insured abroad?

Yes it is. A detailed list of countries and the insurance policy is in the contract. You can sign-up and we'll send you all the details without needing to commit to anything.

Sign up

Is my registration on your website binding?

No. Registering on the website is not binding. Once you register online, we send you a contract and only when you return the signed contract your sign-up is binding.

How does the booking process work?

The entire process is online and as easy as possible;
  1. Choose your Subscription
  2. Signup
  3. We email you the contract, terms & conditions and details on insurance. Have a read and email us at at if you have any questions.
  4. You can then submit the signed contract online.
  5. After reviewing your contract you will receive your car. The delivery time for you car is stated on the signup page.

How long is the minimal subscription period? / What's the shortest time I can subscribe to Juicar?

The minimal subscription period is one month. You can cancel one month in advance by sending an email to our service team.

What requirements do I have to meet in order to conclude a contract with Juicar?

You need to have a valid category B driver's license, residence in Switzerland and have a positive credit check.

What is included in the abo?

All is included! This means: A fully charged car, maintenance costs, insurance, taxes and fees, delivery, charging cable and access to public charging station.

Are there also offers for companies?

Send us an email to We will contact you to discuss your needs.