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Subscriptions with a BMW i3 120 Ah

  • Billing by the kilometer
  • All inclusive
  • Can be canceled on a monthly basis
starting at 359 CHFper month including VAT
BMW i3 120 AhDetails and equipment (PDF)
  • Billing by the kilometer
  • All inclusive
  • Can be canceled on a monthly basis

+ CHF 299 one-time registration fee for new customers

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Monthly and flexible

  • Monthly basic fee

    Because your car is permanently available to you, with us you only pay a small monthly basic fee.

  • Only pay for the distances you drive

    With Juicar, there are no pre-paid kilometres that you may not end up using. You only pay for the kilometres that you have actually travelled.

  • Change your subscription, any time

    You can change your subscription at any time to fit your needs. Simply notify us if you want to change your subscription.


Use the slider to find out which Juicar subscription will allow you to drive at the lowest price.

0 km
1’000 km / month
2’000 km

Up to the offers

Always the best subscription

Best Price
Best Price gives you the certainty of always driving with the cheapest subscription.

Monthly analysis

Every month we check which subscription is the cheapest for you and bill you for the corresponding amount in this subscription. This means you always drive at the cheapest rate.

plus CHF 20
per month

Always included

Car with premium features

All our vehicles offer you the advantages of premium equipment.

Public Charging

With the Juicar app and your charging key, you will have access to Europe's largest and most up-to-date network of public charging points - the fee is added to your monthly bill, making it convenient and clear.

Charging cable (also for use with household socket)

With the cables you receive, you can charge your vehicle at public charging points as well as conventional household sockets.

Vehicles delivered to your home

Your vehicle will be delivered right to your front door, at the pre-arranged time.

Insurance included

We offer attractive insurance conditions, which provide you with all-round cover.

Registration fee

The registration fee allows us to ensure that your car reaches you as soon as possible and in flawless condition.

Insurance Service Tire change Motorway permit sticker - All inclusive!

Insurance? Service? Tire change? Motorway permit stickers? - All included!

Subscriptions can be cancelled monthly, minimum duration one month.

With Juicar you can take advantage of short contract periods and great flexibility. Our subscriptions can be cancelled or changed every month.

Fully Charged

Fully Charged offers you a fast, comfortable and secure way to charge your electric vehicle with your personal home charging station.

More information (PDF)

Electricity costs at home included
The charging costs are reimbursed monthly depending on the kilometers traveled.

Fully Charged Juicar

Juicar for business customers

Our flexible susbcription models are also available as a B2B option to increase your team's mobility.

Contact us for more information:

+41 43 505 12 30
9:00 - 12:00 (Monday - Friday) 

or write us at b2b@juicar.com, we would be happy to help you.